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a pragmatic and integrated approach for sustainable results

A unique blended coaching methodology

the 5 foundations

If you are considering coaching you expect that this will bring you a certain result. You invest in your development and if you do it right, it will permanently change your life. But in order to do that, you have to go beyond talking to a coach now and then, you have to work with your new insights and knowledge. Therein lies the key to real personal growth and tangible results.  

For this reason I use a unique integral and pragmatistic style of coaching.  

blended coaching for an integrated approach

I use an integrated approach in which I combine online coaching and an interactive learning program with periodic coaching conversations. They also call this blended coaching. This way of working takes coaching to a completely different level. Instead of just talking to someone once in a while, you get a structured and proactive approach that you actually get to work with. Much more personal growth, less psychologist so to speak. This action-oriented approach makes coaching much more effective.

​​"Eerst was ik wat sceptisch, was alleen maar nog naar consulten geweest in real life en nog nooit dit online gedaan. Maar heeft mij echt positief verrast omdat dit uiteindelijk veel meer mogelijkheden bood in de begeleiding/coaching. Ook alles bij elkaar gebundeld was in een programma."

What does this look like in practice?

The first step is to clarify where you stand. So we will first start by mapping out what your situation looks like and what your objective is. During our first conversation we will discuss this in more detail so that I have a good idea of how I can best help you. You then get access to my online coaching environment in which I set up a tailor-made program for you. By means of online contact moments, feedback, interactive assignments and supported information, I can provide you with maximum support and you will see that you will soon experience change. We combine this with unlimited periodic coaching consultations and check-in conversations so that we can go even deeper into the matter. This gives your coaching a completely different dimension and do you actually have someone who guides you all the way? How nice would that be?


Faster and sustainable results

The effect of this approach is that you will see results faster than with traditional coaching and that you are actually making lasting changes. And it's fun too! With the help of my online environment, you will acquire knowledge and insight and you will receive concrete tools and assignments that help you to immediately apply everything you learn. Not only will I help you achieve your results, you will also learn how to continue doing this yourself once your coaching process has ended. 

​​"Ik merkte dat dit echt was wat ik nodig had qua begeleiding/coaching. Door het online platform merkt ik echt dat je mij goed leerde kennen waardoor de consulten telkens goed aansloegen en coaching kreeg die ik nodig had. "

Sneller en duurzaam resultaat

Het effect van deze aanpak is dat je sneller resultaat zult zien dan bij traditionele coaching en dat je daadwerkelijk bezig bent blijvende veranderingen te maken. En het is nog leuk ook! Je zult met behulp van mijn online omgeving, kennis en inzicht gaan verwerven en concrete tools en opdrachten krijgen die je helpen alles wat je leert direct toe te passen. Ik zal je niet alleen helpen je resultaat te bereiken, je zult ook leren hoe zelf dit kan blijven doen zodra je coachingstraject is afgelopen. 

​​"De combinatie van het online platform, de aangereikte stof en de consulten werkte voor mij erg prettig. Had voor het eerst in de situatie het gevoel dat ik de begeleiding kreeg die ik nodig had. "

the 5 foundations

Health and happiness are intricately linked but still, often we don’t realize or see it this way. But the way you take care of yourself gives a clear indication about how you feel for example. That’s why health is a topic very much integrated into the programs and all programs evolve around these 5 principles.




Persoonlijke ontwikkeling



the programs

Do you think this could be for you? Do not hesitate and send me an email right away. I will then see if this can be something for you based on your situation. 

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