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online group coaching:

together From crisis  to growth

Use this crisis and create  a strong mindset, a healthy lifestyle and personal growth.

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"Learn in 4 modules how you can take control of your state of mind, support your physical and mental health to the maximum and how, with the right mindset, you can transform this crisis into personal growth!"

More than just goal setting

You may have noticed that almost all personal development gurus are always goalsetting. Why is that?

That's because goalsetting is much more than just setting your goals.

​​"Goalsetting is the tool that helps you design a vision for your life"

The Goalsetting process is the tool, but getting a clear picture of what you want to get out of your life is the goal. Goalsetting helps you do this in a structured way.

determine your goals in a structured way

With this interactive online course I guide you in a structured way in the process of "goal setting". First of all, I will help you evaluate your current life in a systematic way. Then I teach you why and how to dream again. After that, I will help turn your dream and your insights into goals until you:

  • clearwhat you want in different aspects of your life

  • Know why you want this and howyou can motivate

  • Focus and directionabout what you want to focus on now

  • Knowwhat actionsyou can take to make this vision come true

the process

Black and White Star in Circle

1. evaluate your life

Use an exercise to gain insight into what you are happy with and what your ideal life would look like.. 

Blue on white spray bottle

2. discover what you really want

Learn through a simple exercise how to rediscover what you really want

Black and White Star in Circle

3. create your vision for your life

Go through the goalsetting process step-by-step and create your own Life Design board.

Black and White Star in Circle

4. turn it into goals and actions

Determine what you will focus on, what you can do right away and learn how to motivate yourself by persevering.

what did you achieve at the end of this course?

What will it get you?

  • Insight into what you are and are not happy about in your

  • More energy and vitality

  • A sense of self-reliance

  • An increased sense of security

  • A positive, results-oriented mindset

  • A way to develop yourself during this crisis

You will continue to learn

  • What hacks and tools I use

  • What I do to get myself into a positive and constructive mindset every day

  • Why you can come out of this crisis fitter than ever

  • How mindset determines whether you see opportunities or threats

  • How you can use this time to grow

5 weeks online group coaching program

One every week  Group Video Call

Together with a like-minded person

Online Course and Support

An Online Support Network

Yes I want that!

I know how hard it can be to stay positive and not  into a negative spiral. I know it can be hard to get yourself out of this and see the opportunities when it seems like there's only misery. Yet you can and yet there are opportunities but you have to know how to get yourself out of this state of mind, how to support yourself mentally and physically and how to get into the right mindset to see these opportunities and  take advantage.. There are also opportunities for you, but you have to be able to see them. I can help you with that

"The knowledge of a life coach, the experience of an experience expert and the power of the group"

a complete step-by-step plan

What do you need to keep yourself standing and to grow in this time? You need to have the right mindset, become aware of what negatively affects you, know how to support yourself mentally and physically, and develop a way of thinking that helps you see opportunities in any situation. To help you do this I have developed an online course. This pragmatic course is designed to help you in a structured way take control of how you feel, lay the foundation for a supported lifestyle and help you turn this crisis into personal growth. But that is not everything!  There is one very important thing that sets this apart from other online courses, you are going to do this together with me and with like-minded people. 

how it works

During 5 weeks you will go through an online course together with like-minded people. This online course consists of 4 modules that will help you implement everything you learn in a step-by-step and practical way. You can complete the online course at your own pace and opportunity. At the end of each week I organize a Group Video call in which I take a closer look at what you have learned, you can ask questions and you can learn from the victories and challenges of your students. This way of coaching is called online group coaching and uses the power of the group. Because of this structure you will be more motivated to go through the online course, you can better master the knowledge and you will be part of people who, just like you, want to have a positive life. In addition, you have access to me and  I am here to motivate and inspire you all the way. These are the ingredients  you need to lay the foundation for the future. Are you ready?

what you get

5 week program consisting of

  • Online course consisting of 4 modules  (worth 279,-)

  • A Video Group Call every week (worth 200,-)

  • Access to an exclusive online community

  • Online support and support during the course

The online course consists of 4 modules.
Each module contains:
- An introduction video
- Theory and explanation about a certain theme
- Supporting media such as articles, podcasts, videos, book tips, etc
- Useful tricks to help you make this your own
- An assignment to help you integrate the knowledge into your life.


You can do the online part entirely on your own . Immediately  With a small time investment of 30 minutes a day you can already get maximum benefit from it.  

What will it get you?

  • More focus and peace

  • More energy and vitality

  • A sense of self-reliance

  • An increased sense of security

  • A positive, results-oriented mindset

  • A way to develop yourself during this crisis

You will continue to learn

  • What hacks and tools I use

  • What I do to get myself into a positive and constructive mindset every day

  • Why you can come out of this crisis fitter than ever

  • How mindset determines whether you see opportunities or threats

  • How you can use this time to grow

How much is it?

The total program has a value of almost more than 479,- but I offer it  during this crisis temporarily for 179,-. Don't wait to register because due to the nature of the program I only have a few spots available!


from 479,-  in front of   only 179,-

What do you get for that

What you get for that is the foundation for a life with more energy and satisfaction because what I'm really going to help you do is use this crisis  to lay the foundation for the future.

Are you ready for it?


  • The two basic things you need to know

  • You have control over what you spend your time and energy on

  • The effect media has on you

  • How to take control of your mood

  • Assignment:  How to take control of your mood in 5 steps

Module 1. How to take control of your mood

  • What are routines and why are they so important

  • The first step to optimal health (and happiness)

  • Why a morning routine  is so powerful and how I do it

  • The Elements of a Morning Routine

  • Assignment: Build your own morning routine in 8 steps

Module 3. Boost your health in 5 steps

Module 4: How you can turn this crisis into growth

  • Sleep: Your secret superpower

  • Nutrition: Food to Feel Good

  • Movement: More than sport

Module 2. How structure and routine will help you support yourself to the maximum

  • Now is the time

  • How mindset can help you during times of crisis

  • How to turn every crisis into growth from now on

  • Assignment: Your game plan to personal growth

  • You made it!

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Shorombo Mooij



In normal life Shorombo is Lifestyle Transformation Coach. In a nutshell, through personal development and insight, he helps people to create a life that they REALLY enjoy.

In response to this crisis, Shorombo has made it his mission to help as many people as possible move from fear into a more constructive mindset and help them see the opportunities that lie in this crisis. He is fully committed and creates inspiring content and you can benefit from this. Read more here.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who is this suitable for?

Do you feel anxious, insecure and constantly stressed by what is happening around you? Do you find it difficult to close yourself off from this and do you notice that this has a negative influence on you? And would you like to know how you can better deal with this situation and make the most of your time so that you come out of the crisis better than ever? Then this course is for you.

How long to keep  I have access to the course?

You retain access to the course forever and can  Always  go back to previous lessons.

What if I don't like it?

If you don't like it  Then you just get your money back. All I ask in return is that you give me feedback to see if there's anything I can do to make sure it still meets your expectations.

How does it actually work?

You will have access to an interactive online learning environment. In this learning environment, you will learn how to best deal with this situation using materials such as podcasts, videos, and reading tips. Then, with the help of assignments, you will gain more insight into yourself and your situation and immediately apply everything you learn. You will also receive an invitation every week  for an online video call and you get access to a facebook-like environment in which you receive even more support.

Is your question not listed? Feel free to message me via chat.

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