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how do you want to stay inspired?

Being inspired is nice, but how do you stay motivated? How do you ensure that inspiration leads to motivation and ultimately to action? By continuously exposing yourself to things that inspire you. Don't worry, I and my team will help you with that. We will ensure that you create and maintain momentum. See which event appeals to you the most and make sure you stay informed!

start every working day with inspiration

Every working day at 8:00 a new Daily Show podcast episode available

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Every day at 8:00 a new episode of the Daily Show will be available on the podcast. These are short episodes of a maximum of 10 minutes on a topic in the field of personal development, mindset, and self-insight. Kick-off each day inspired and start your journey to greater self-awareness and personal growth today.

start the week with the #maxyourmonday workout

Twice a month at The Student Hotel in Amsterdam


I'm "Mister Monday Positivity Guy" and I've made it my mission to send as many people as possible into the week with energy and a positive mindset.

Twice a month, on Monday morning I provide an energetic workout that not only gives your body energy but also helps you get into the right mindset. Will you be there next time?

follow the 'Weekly Sho(w)'

Every week on Monday at 19pm I go live 

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What better day than Monday to set the tone for the week? That's why I go live in the Facebook Group every Monday! During this Weekly Sho(w) I will talk about a certain theme, tell you something about it, and give you some tips


There is room to ask questions, share your thoughts, successes, or struggles, but above all, there is a lot of room for...positive energy!

I will make sure that you start each week well and that you can work with this theme for the rest of the week!

weekly inspiration, tips and free online coaching?

Millennial mastermind

Every last Thursday of the month (temporarily suspended)

Every last Thursday I go wild! During the month I choose a theme, I look for nice multi-media content and we watch or listen to it together. Then I will further explain the theme on the basis of this video or audio fragment and put you to work with a number of mind-provoking questions.  

Expect a fun, inspiring evening and if Corona allows that again, a fun social night out :)


Stay informed via our facebook community

Or read more here.

want to get started today?

do the free mini course

Start your journey today and discover how 5 things can help you discover your maximum potential.

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