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Let's talk life!

Low-threshold group coaching sessions about what really matters.

Imagine you had your own life coach...

Imagine you had your own life coach, someone you could ask for advice from? With which you can talk about the things of life?

"I don't know what I want, how do I find out?"

"I feel like I'm stuck, but don't know what to do?"

“I suffer from procrastination, how do I get rid of it?”

"I experience stress all the time, but what can I do about this?"

"I want to, but I think I'm sabotaging myself and I don't know how!"

These are just a few questions that may concern you, but are certainly not all you can ask me. In addition to being a life coach, I am an experience expert and have experienced myself what it is like to:


  • Going through depression

  • to get burned out

  • Not getting satisfaction from what you do  

  • Struggling with mental and physical health


But more importantly, I know how to recover from this, how to deal with it and what to do about it. I went from being an obese banker to the fit life coach sitting in front of you now.

"You can tell me everything about mindset, self-image, personal development, satisfaction, life hacks, routines and much more!"

I have a lot of knowledge and experience and I would like to share it with you. I see that many of your peers struggle with meaning issues so I thought, how nice would it be if you could just ask this to someone who can help you? That you can talk about this with others and share experiences?

That is why I decided to hold a low-threshold “meet-and-greet” once a week. 

what is it

Every week I take a seat in the restaurant of the Student Hotel in Wibautstraat and you can sit down. I determine a theme for which I will briefly tell you something, but it is mainly about you. Ask your question, don't be shy, and I'll shine my light on it.


Please note, this is group coaching so you will be sitting at the table with others.


Connect and let's talk life!

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Shorombo Mooij

About me


My name is Shoromb and I am  Lifestyle Transformation Coach. It is my mission and work to help as many people as possible to create a life that they REALLY enjoy. I do this in a holistic way, which means that I help people gain more insight into themselves through online and in-person coaching, but also support them in implementing and creating a lifestyle that supports them physically, mentally and emotionally. It's all part of a fulfilling life.  


You can here m before reading about me and what I do as a coach. 

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