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I am looking for a partner with whom I can join forces. Are you that partner?

Hey Hello!


I am looking for a partner with whom I can join forces. I am a power house in creating content but not so good at generating exposure and traffic.


Who am I

I am a life coach, speaker, trainer, online course creator and much more. In other words, I'm good at transferring knowledge and I'm fortunate to have some talents that help me transfer that knowledge in different ways.


What I'm not good at is generating exposure and traffic. 

I like to inspire and like to take the stage and produce a lot of content. So what I'm looking for is someone who can ensure that what I do ends up with the right people. Some kind of digital megaphone. I create the content, you make sure it is set out properly.

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who are you

You are someone who is a power house in what you do. You are super good at creating organic exposure.  


You are someone who thinks systemically and can translate this well into implementation.


You believe that you have a lot of potential and that you can "shine" if you can promote a product or service that you can support 100%. That is also very important to you.  


You can't wait to show your full potential!


You don't have to prove yourself 100% yet, but you do have to be able to show that you know what you are doing and can bring results.


I am sure that if we join forces we can both grow exponentially.

What I'm looking for

What I'm looking for is someone who can promote my online products and services in an organic way. A digital megaphone for everything I do. Easy said:


"I create the content and you make sure it gets to the right people"


What I think is most important is that we have the same work ethic and mentality. So you are someone who goes for maximum, who can think big and out-of-the-box, who believes in his own potential and therefore also wants to be judged for the result you deliver.


You understand that you can earn much more money in a much better way if you switch from an hourly billing system to a result-driven system. You are not someone who is looking for a permanent job, you are someone who is looking for successful collaborations and win-wins. Freedom is very important to you and you would rather have the freedom to do it how you want and when you want, than the security and security of a job in paid employment.

In addition, you have an affinity with what I do. You are interested in mindset, personal development, life hacks, etc.


You recognize yourself as:

  • Someone who always thinks in possibilities

  • Someone who automatically thinks bigger and much further that the most

  • Someone who is constantly looking for new ways

  • Someone who chooses his own path and does not follow blindly

  • Someone who continuously learns and grows and is actively involved in that.

  • Someone with an above average drive.

What I offer you.

I offer you the opportunity to market all digital products, seminars, workshops and coaching services I have and create and share in the income. You are therefore completely free in how you do this and can therefore maximize your talent and time "leverage" and thus achieve maximum results with as little effort as possible. I expect you to think that way too.


I am looking for someone who can grow with the success of, so if the collaboration proves successful, this could be the start of a long-term collaboration where we would both benefit exponentially by joining forces.

what you will market

As it stands I have three online courses that can be marketed, one of which is at an ultra high end price point. The turnover expectation of this course in the short term is 30,000 euros. Marketing this course would be the first priority.


In addition, I will be organizing a weekly Clubhouse session in the short term, launching a YouTube channel and a podcast and creating online courses on the assembly line. In the medium term, retreats will be added.


In short, if you can handle it, then I have enough for you to do.


If you are interested, I would like to invite you to fill in the form below.

are you excited ? respond here

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