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As an experience expert I understand your struggle, and as a High Performance Lifestyle Coach I know how to transform this into growth

Who am I

My name is  Shorombo and I am the founder of this platform. Besides Life coach, I am what they call an experience expert. During my twenties, I went through a deep depression and in my thirties, I also suffered a severe burnout. But these things have helped me enormously and have given me a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Since my burnout in 2011, I have fully committed myself to inspire, trigger and help people to create lives that make them really happy.

Since then I have delved into nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress, personal development, and behavioral change to learn all the tools and knowledge you need to create a fulfilling and healthy life. This holistic view and way of thinking characterize my approach. This is what is called a High-Performance Lifestyle.


Life Hacker and Life Long Learner pur sang

I am a typical lifelong learner and life hacker. I am always busy developing myself, gaining new knowledge, and experimenting. This is why I can help my clients turn knowledge into action in a super powerful way, something you will experience when you become part of

What I do is called High-Performance Lifestyle Coaching. It is an integrated approach that helps you, in a sustainable way, get the best out of yourself and your life, which ultimately leads to satisfaction and health. That's what I stand for.

Shorombo Mooij

High Performance Lifestyle Coach  |  


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Inspire, trigger and help as many people as possible to create a life that truly fulfills them.

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