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how you can use this crisis as the foundation for the rest of your life

a free  webclass for anyone who wants to know how this time can transform you into something that you will reap the fruits of for years to come

Since the beginning of the crisis, the whole world has been gripped by fear and the focus has been on  combat, protect and prevent. This is of course a logical response, but something crucial is missing from the conversation. Because the emphasis is only on this, you focus on the virus and this creates  a feeling of helplessness, anxiety and stress. What is missing is the focus on what you can do to use this time positively!

"What's missing is the focus on what you can do to use this time positively"

My clients from people like you. They are people who have been working for a number of years in demanding positions such as consultancy, sales or recruitment, but also often entrepreneurs. Actually, I don't care what they do or have done, because what they all have in common is the following:

They are people who challenge themselves and want to get the most out of themselves.


They have that "high performer" DNA. Only they have not yet discovered how to do this in a sustainable way. The consequence?


❌ Chronic Stressed

❌ Irritable, Absent and Exhausted

❌ The feeling of always being on

❌Bad lifestyle habits to blow off steam

This is often the point they think"this can't go on anymore". They sense everything that this is not going to end well if they continue like this. 

But at the same time, they don't want to perform less well. They love that feeling they have when they challenge themselves, when they feel they are growing and reaching their full potential. They don't want to lose that,  but don't know yet how they can do this in a sustainable way.

Then I come into play.

I help them create a way of life that helps them get the best out of themselves in a sustainable way. This is called a High Performance Lifestyle. 

By taking lifestyle in the most holistic sense as a basis, you feel physically, mentally and optimally at your very best and you will also be able to show yourself at your best in your work, in your company and in your private life. That means:

✔️ Better Results

✔️ More energy and vitality

✔️ More autonomy and time

✔️ A richer private life

✔️ And ultimately more satisfaction across the board.

Do you want to know what a High Performance Lifestyle is and how I help my customers to create this with a certain framework and routines? Register now for this webinar.

Register for the webinar


With this webinar I'm going to help you to put yourself back in your power. I am going to tell you exactly how you can regain control over your mood, how you can use this situation as a catalyst for a sustainable lifestyle, how it will help you develop a mindset that can completely change your life and how you can start taking steps now to the life that really gives you satisfaction.

In this webinar I'm going to explain to you exactly

What a High Performance Lifestyle is and how it leads to more health, productivity AND happiness

Why you should first learn to look at lifestyle differently

How you can test and redesign your lifestyle with a simple framework

Which 3 routines are must-have if you want to get the best out of yourself

What is the key behind sustainable change

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Date: On demand

Duration: 90 minutes



the speaker

Shorombo Mooij:

Lifestyle Transformation Specialist

Schrijf je in

About the speaker


Because I've been through it all myself. Nowadays, as a High Performance Life Coach, I help people to get the best out of themselves, but that did not happen by itself.

Life was my primary school.

Throughout my twenties I went through severe depression and was even labeled as chronic depression.

There were times when I thought I wouldn't survive.

But lifestyle and personal development helped me get off the anti-depressants and taught me a lot about myself.

Before and after professional.png

In 2011 I suffered a severe burnout. I worked in financial services.

I was not happy, had a destructive lifestyle, experienced a lot of stress and little satisfaction and weighed almost a hundred kilos.

With the help of personal development and lifestyle I recovered in a record time of 3 months en underwent a complete transformation. 

I know from experience what kind of power lies in lifestyle

Depression in my twenties, burnout at a later age have taught me a lot about what happens if you don't take good care of yourself, but they especially made me realize what is possible if you combine personal development and lifestyle.

Since then, a holistic lifestyle has been the foundation on which I build my life.


All I'm going to tell you are things I do myself, apply and help my clients implement. I am a real life long learner and because I have experienced and applied everything myself, I can convey this in a unique way.

So expect an energetic webinar with plenty of practical tips!

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