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do you want to contribute?

Building a dream means building a dream team.  Are you excited after reading the above and would you like to contribute, please read on.

is this you?

What I look for in a person is first and foremost a certain kind of attitude. Anybody can obtain skills but I am looking for the right foundation, your mindset. I look  for people who are eager to learn, who are purpose-driven and who understand that adding value goes far beyond earning a paycheck or making a sale. I look for people who want to excel in all that they do and have a growth mindset and jump at the opportunity to put their knowledge and skills into practice. I preferably work with people who are stills studying or at the end of their study and are eager to get hands-on experience but even if you don't fit this profile but do recognize yourself in everything else you are more than welcome to apply. 

My promise to you

It's my drive to empower everybody I work with. I want you to be able to work within your golden zone. This means that I always try to find out what a person's attitude is, what he or she is intrinsically motivated by and how we can find a good match between what I need and what they want. I believe that if you invest in getting to know someone and strive to allow them to work in their golden zone, this is the foundation of a much more productive and satisfying work relationship and possibly the beginning of a long term thing.

A few other perks:

  • You will get access to all my online learning programs

  • You will get access to my private reading list and online resources I use

  • You will be able to experiment and use all the digital tools I am subscribed to

  • You will have your own coach on the speed dial

  • I will include you in as many things as I can so that we can grow together.


Digital marketing strategist

I am looking for someone who is able to think with me about the big picture and is able to help me draft a concrete and clear strategy. This is preferably a person who can think as big as I can and is as action-oriented or more. You will craft and monitor the overall strategy. You are pragmatic and a strategic thinker

graphic designer

I am looking for exceptional graphic designers who can create captivating images, gifs and animations to accompany microblogs, quotes and other content for both social media as well as my online programs

Story teller / Brand design

I am looking for someone who would like to create a voice and a feel to tell the story and spread my mission across different social and offline media. This person is a strategic thinker and can capture the essence of my mission and drive. You are very good and translating into picture inspiring stories.

Digital ads specialist

I am looking for  people who are exceptional or passionate about FB Ads, Google Ads and Linkedin Ads. I need persons who can methodically draft, execute and test ads until we have continuously running ad campaigns.

video editing

I am looking for people who can do first tier editing such as adding subtitles and inserting logos and outros for IGTV and short video


I am looking for a bookkeeper who can work with Moneybird and is able to guide and advise on financial strategy. The requirement is that this person has a growth mindset and can dream big but at the same time is pragmatic.

sales funnel specialist

I am looking for people who are very passionate and interested  in building sales funnels. What I am looking for is somebody who can help me design, execute and test and monitor funnels. This will include the use of various digital systems, landing page building and testing, ads creating and testing, automation of mailing funnel, conversion tracking, etc. From this position, it is possible to negotiate result based fees

content editor  and translating

I write both in English and Dutch so I am looking for a person who can both redact Dutch as well as translate both ways. Ideally, this will be a bilingual person but this is not mandatory.

anything you liked?

I mostly described separate tasks but it may very well be that these are combined in certain positions. So if there is more than one area you excel in that is fine. The ultimate goal is to have a holistic team that functions in sync with each other. If you are interested and want to apply, please answer the below questions.

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