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Why this can be your transformation era



Why this can be your transformation era

"Now is the time, now is the time to lay the foundation for the rest of your life  "

We live in a totally different world right now. We have been in this situation for several months now and there is no end in sight. With everything going on is  the  understandable if this is a negative  has an effect on your mental health, it is understandable if you start to feel listless and fall into a negative  spiral. But crisis also brings opportunities and what if I tell you that you can do something that will not only help you stay mentally and physically in balance but also help you transform this crisis  in a period of transformation. You can actively use this time to completely transform your life.  A life with more energy, maximum vitality, satisfaction and freedom. Do you want to know how? Then read on.

A catalyst for growth

Before I begin, let me be clear that I am not trivializing the humanitarian crisis. Of course there is a lot of misery and suffering and the coronavirus costs lives. That is undisputed and that is not the focus of this article. But just because it's a crisis doesn't mean good things can't come out of it. Every crisis brings opportunities.

I am convinced that this period can be a "blessing in disguise" for many people and it is my mission to help as many people as possible to use this time optimally and to transform it into something that will help them now and in the future to create a life  from which they get real satisfaction. Imagine that during this difficult time you are laying the foundation for a more fulfilling life? How do you think you'll feel when this is all over?


I want you to look back on this period as something that has helped you immensely. You can't control the Corona-Crisis, but how you get out of it is! And if you do that right then a bright future awaits you because one thing is for sure, the world is changing.

"The crisis has  not you, but how you get out is!"

why right now

Generally  people are motivated to take action and make change in two ways, through pain or through inspiration. In practice, pain is a much greater motivator for most.  Most  people only take action when it really hurts and a crisis is a good example of this. I'm sure you know people who have a personal  went through a crisis and came out of it better than when they went in?  Pain causes growth, it is a catalyst for growth. This information can  you use. If you know how then you can  each  transform a painful situation into growth and the engine for change. So is this crisis.

This crisis is a global crisis on many levels. But in a way we all continue collectively  a personal crisis. Everyone experiences the crisis in a different way, but the consequences of the crisis and the crisis policy are for many the trigger for a personal crisis. In other words, we all experience to some degree  personal pains as a result of this crisis. We are confronted with our physical, mental and emotional health, we are confronted  with what we do or don't do with our lives, with our relationships, work, etc. We are confronted  with ourselves and that's possible  be very painful. But that's good.

Often there was already a feeling of dissatisfaction before the crisis, but there was enough distraction not to have to feel it. We were often not happy in our job, but we were able to do enough things that created a precarious balance. Often we were already struggling with ourselves but were able to escape it in the daily activities of modern life. 

This pain was often there before  the crisis but has the current situation  this magnified now. You can hardly escape yourself now.

This means you now have the opportunity to use this pain as a catalyst for growth. You can let this pain move you towards the future that will make you happy. And the great thing is that when you understand this you immediately  will experience a sense of strength and drive. It will give you energy because the opposite of inspiration. you will be inspired  to take those steps that will help you live the life that makes you happy. 

what opportunities are there

1. A life with more freedom and autonomy

The biggest opportunity there is is the chance of a future with more freedom and work that is in line with who you are. As you've noticed, the 9-5 model is under pressure and that's a good thing. This is an old-fashioned model that doesn't work for anyone. This system is going to change, which means that there are opportunities for you to create a position in which you have more autonomy and freedom. If you do well and can work with a foresight to the future, you can now prepare for a future in which you have much more autonomy over your time. And that means freedom.

Lifestyle is the foundation on which happiness is built  is becoming. Your mental and physical health will help you get the most out of life, in every area. That's how your lifestyle should look. That's how important it is. Unfortunately, many people want a healthy lifestyle, but until now they were not motivated enough. The intrinsic motivation was not there. Now you have the chance to express that intrinsic motivation  to create! You probably want like me  do not become ill? Lifestyle helps to strengthen your immune system. You may already be experiencing the negative effects on your mental and physical health? Lifestyle helps you get back in balance.  You can convert the fears you have, the things you worry about now into motivation and as I mentioned, pain motivates! Use this pain and mold it into your intrinsic motivation to create that healthy lifestyle that you know is right. There is now a clear urgency: to be as healthy as possible so that you are resistant to the virus and to do everything you can to keep yourself physically and mentally in balance. Link this to your goal of being fitter and healthier and you can use this time as a foundation for sustainable change for a life with more energy, fewer ailments and a life full of zest for life.

2. A lifestyle that helps you get the most out of yourself
3. it helps you gain insight into yourself

One of the most important things this crisis can help you do is get to know yourself. This crisis will bring out things in you and trigger certain emotions and thoughts that were already there but that may have been beneath the surface. These are now surfacing which means it gives you the chance to learn more about yourself. Your reactions to the policy, your reaction to the situation, the things you think about, where you  focus on, the behavior you exhibit, the people you have a negative feeling about, all these things tell you something about yourself. This crisis can greatly accelerate your personal growth and this in turn will change your life. Because the only way you can change your life is if you change your view of the world and of yourself. 

4. it helps you discover what is not working in your life

As I wrote, it may also make you realize that you are not very happy with the way you live your life. This may be painful but this realization is very valuable, this is where change starts. This crisis will make you aware of a lot of things that are working or not working for you and as they come to the surface you can do something about them. You may have to make tough choices, but this could very well be the start of your hero's journey .

These are just a few examples but as you realize they can have a huge impact on the rest of you  life. Imagine coming out of the crisis, healthier than that, confident, full of energy with a new vision for your future and the skills and skills to make it happen? Imagine how you would feel then! Those opportunities are there now, but not everyone will grab them...

What do you recognize yourself in?

Not everyone is able to see these opportunities and you can see that very clearly from how people are experiencing this crisis. There are people who seem to feel alone  can focus on all the drama in the world and they are paralyzed by fear and often fall into periods of listlessness, pessimism and even depression. They suffer.


On the other hand, there is also another group of people who are able to see the other side as well. She  have a completely different way of thinking. They are aware of the duality of the world and can view the situation and their own situation from multiple angles. They understand  the power of mindset and can actively use it. They are inspired  to take action.   


When this crisis is over, there will be two groups. There will be those who look back on this period as a period of lost time. They will see it as a period when their lives stood still, when little happened, as a time they will never get back. A lost time. They long for a time that will never come again and have done little during this crisis to develop and prepare for a time that will come, the future. These people are going to hit the wall when they discover that the world has changed  and she convulsively  clinging to the past.

On the other hand, there will be those who will look back and see this period as  a difficult period in world history, but also as a period of incredible  valuable personal growth. They will look back on this period as the period that helped them gain insights into themselves, develop themselves and lay the foundation for lasting health and happiness! They will see this period as a crucial period, an important turning point and the beginning of a new phase in their lives. This group will look back with a sense of gratitude.

"Which group do you want to belong to?"

this is what  makes the difference

Which group you belong to is not good or bad, it is what it is, but it can have bad consequences. But there is good news! you can too  Always  move from one group to another group. It starts with awareness. The first group  is unaware of the choices they have, she is unaware of the negative effect their behavior has on them. The second group knows that they have choices and they know how to use focus to transform any situation into growth. They are aware of the negative and positive effects that behavior can have on you and choose empowering habits.

Regardless of how you feel at the moment, there are also opportunities for you. There are opportunities for everyone to grow and in fact everyone will grow and develop whether they like it or not, but you can do this in your own hands  to take. It starts with a simple question:

“How do you want to emerge from this crisis?”

Why this crisis contains everything you need

This crisis brings a lot of misery with it, but it also offers very unique opportunities. The conditions for personal growth are ideal.

The crisis means that the world turns a lot slower, that you have much less distraction, have more time and perhaps for the first time in ages have the chance to reflect on what you really want, on what makes you really happy. It can be very confronting at first to become aware of what works and what does not work in your life, but as I mentioned you can use this pain as a catalyst for growth. That's what that pain is!  But this ensures that you now have the intrinsic motivation  have to really take a look at yourself, to really evaluate your life and to really take action and you now have  every opportunity to do something about it.


Now that the world is slowing down and some things seem to be on pause, you can make the most of this time to grow. All the time you invest in yourself now is worth even more. You now have the opportunity to grow while the world is in limbo. This makes your time more valuable. In a way, you can make more progress in less time because the world is spinning slower.  You are actually "hacking" time. Do you understand what I mean? 

Why I know this

Old n New.jpg

I know what I'm talking about. This is not my first crisis. I went through a severe depression in my twenties and burned out in my thirties. I know how hopeless and painful life can feel, but I also know how these difficult times can help you grow. I know how to turn crisis into growth. 

This crisis may be a global crisis, but it has similar consequences on an individual level. As a result of this crisis, you may be confronted with negative emotions, with negative thoughts. As a result of this crisis, you may experience how difficult it can be to be alone and how challenging it can be to motivate yourself. This crisis can be confronting and create emotional pain, but this is exactly what will help you grow because that is the function of emotional pain: personal growth. 

In my case, my depression and burnout have led me to write this for you now. They have given me all the experience and knowledge that I now use to help people like you transform their lives. in some  meaning my personal crises have prepared me perfectly for this period and I am now going to share everything I have learned with you. My personal crises have helped me lose 25 pounds, say goodbye to my banking life, and pursue my dream. This crisis can be that catalyst for you so seize this opportunity with both hands. There is much more possible than you think, but then you have to know what to do

Make this your transformation era

Because I want to help as many people as possible use this crisis as the catalyst for growth and my wish  is that as many people as possible with increased awareness, more self-insight and a strong mindset will come out of this crisis, I will soon go live during a Webclass *. In this webclass, I'll dig even deeper into what you've already read, discuss some of the opportunities I see, and explain why this is so incredibly important  is. I am going to explain how working towards a more fulfilling life can help you get out of that negative mindset and how this can form the basis for the next phase of your life.  

If you want to know more and want to know how to convert this period into your personal transformation, I cordially invite you to attend my webclass. Sign up by filling in the form below.

*This webclass took place on Nov 9th but leave your details and receive the link to the recording

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