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“ is for anyone who feels like there's more to them – for anyone who wants to go for it.”


Shorombo Mooij - Founder

The mindset to dare to dream and actually put this into action is sorely missing in our society and you are discouraged from dreaming in every possible way.


"Be realistic, don't delude yourself, just do it."


It's ingrained in our culture, but it's a recipe for a life without gravy. However, your dreams, your vision, your stubbornness is exactly what the world needs .


You are the future and we need you in all grandeur. We need you as you. So dare to dream and dream big, experiment, go on an adventure and discover that you have much more in you than you think. That is the recipe for an unparalleled life and that is what stands for. 

"We need you as you"

Go for maximum

What do I mean by "go for maximum"? I'm sure it has nothing to do with just having fun and living a YOLO life. This is often just flight behaviour; a superficial fix for a deeper problem, namely the fact that your lifestyle is not satisfying you. What matters is that you dare to travel, learn what makes you unique and then go for it with full conviction. 

Is it about maximum performance and success?

New. At it is about creating a life that gives you satisfaction . What that means is different for everyone, but it does start with self-awareness. You have to get to know yourself to know what makes you happy. That's step 1. How you actually learn to create this is the second step. Finally, you will learn that life is a holistic concept, consisting of physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual health. It's all interrelated and this is how approaches it. The real goal is to create a life that really makes you happy. You will be taught what you should have learned in primary school, namely the subject 'life skills'. 

"The better you know yourself, the better you can create a life that really makes you happy"


I have always felt called to help people create a life that makes them happy. I have been fortunate to have always been headstrong, to dream big and to have believed in the impossible. I always believe in going for the maximum and that anything is possible. That is my foundation and it has brought me a lot. But… What I have also learned is that this is not the norm of our society and that many people suffer because of it.

Above all, the norm is: act normal. Get a good education, find a steady job, start a family and be happy. Does that really make a person happy? What I see is that many people are frantically trying to conform to that ideal image. As a result, they lose touch with themselves and settle for a mediocre existence. Then they drag themselves to work and have to convince themselves every day that they are happy. Meanwhile, they die a silent death inside. They are miserable.

"The norm is above all: act normal. I think that's a shame! You have so much more in you"

If you live a life without satisfaction, you will eventually get sick. Sick with unhappiness, bitter and stripped of the zest for life you once had. I'm sure you recognize this. On the other hand, there are people who have a certain energy and zest for life that makes you happy. That's the difference between going for what you really want and settling in for less.

Millennials in particular feel that the way they saw their parents live is not their life. They intuitively feel that this social norm is not going to make them happy. They know there must be another way, but at the same time they feel the pressure, doubt, and inner conflict that keeps them on the path they've been taught. Unfortunately, this often leads to depression, burnout or quarter-life crisis. That's not crazy, because your soul cries. You do not live in line with who you are and your feeling is an expression of that. In the depths of your being you know that this is not the way. You know that there must be more to life and that you want to go for it, only you sometimes feel scared. You want to go for it, but you don't know how. That's why I founded

"A life without satisfaction makes you sick"

the answer to a social problem is the answer to that question, to that desire. It is the place for everyone who wants to do things differently, who wants to get the most out of life and is willing to go for it. Do you recognize this?

It is my wish that helps you rediscover your greatness, start to believe in it and start living it. It is my wish that you will do very beautiful things, create a world-class life and in turn create an impact. But most of all, my wish is that you create a life that really makes you happy, whatever that may be. 

Initiator, life coach and speaker

Shorombo Mooij


"It is my wish that helps you rediscover your greatness"

do you want to take the first step?

Do you want to know how you can gain more insight into who you are? How can you create a lifestyle that helps you get the most out of yourself? How can you keep yourself motivated and how can you persevere? In short, do you want to know how to create a life that really makes you happy?  

What are you waiting for? Then take the first step today. Your new life awaits here.

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