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Multiple sources of income, help people develop themselves and benefit from the knowledge, tools and skills on Everything is possible.

commission and more

Maxyourlife.Today is an ecosystem for personal development, transformation and high performance lifestyle in the making. Our main revenue models are:

  • Independent online courses

  • Blended online group coaching trajectories

  • 1-on-1 high performance coaching

  • Mastermind paid community (in due course)

  • Workshops and retreats (in due course)

By becoming part of our affiliate network now you will not only be entitled to commission from the online courses and coaching trajectories, but you will also be first rank as soon as we launch our further product range. In addition, you are also eligible for free participation in our online courses and group trajectories*

High commission on online courses

In addition to our three courses, we also offer a high-end signature course for a high commission. The commissions are between 20-30%

Various promotion options

We offer you various options to promote our products such as mini-course, downloads, quizes, etc

Extra bonuses such as free participation in courses and coaching programs

You can of course try all the courses yourself and we regularly offer challenges in our community that you can participate in.

Promotional materials

We have promotional material available that you can use immediately and on request we can even create content for your website

Monthly payout and cookie duration 60 days

We pay your commissions every month. This way you will not be faced with unexpected surprises.

Dedicated affiliate manager

We believe in sustainable partnerships and therefore have an affiliate manager who can actively help you achieve more success



Send your visitor to the optimized homepage  for a smooth user experience.

Specific landing pages

 Send your visitor to our one of our specific landing page 

donwloads / opt-in pages

Don't immediately promote commercially? Then refer to our free mini-course or one of our other opt-in products. Our funnel converts your leads into sales and therefore commission for you!

Joint webinar

Organize a webinar with us in which we give value and help you promote

need additional content?

In addition to being able to process our links in your content, there is also the possibility to deepen the collaboration. In consultation we can create content for your website or social media such as:

Podcasts Episodes or Videos

Guest blogs

Print or video interviews

Live videos or streams

*View the specific terms and conditions of the affiliate campaign you are interested in for more information.

we think along

If you are successful, we have it, and we also like to get to know you. Fill in your details and we will contact you as soon as possible and help you to think about how best to use this.


Thank you for being interested in becoming part of the affiliate network. We believe in the win-win of this structure and strive to more than make this happen for both you and us.

- Shorombo Mooij - 

Founder, Online Course Creator and High Performance Life Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is it?

You get the total program including all online assignments, goalsetting guide, group coaching sessions and 1-on-1 sessions for only 479,-! Just for your impression, the 1-on-1 conversations alone are normally 375 euros. You also get the group coaching session, the structure, the accountability and supported content! Believe me as a coach, that structure is worth the most.

What do I get for that

What you get is a framework with which you can convert your wishes, ambitions, goals and vision into action. How valuable is this!

What if I don't like it

You can and then you get your money back, but there are conditions. If you have attended all the sessions, done all the exercises but feel that you have not received your money's worth, you will get your money back without question.


Do you still have doubts and do you have any other questions? Then book a call appointment. It would be a shame if you consider it but don't do it because you still had doubts about certain things. Just ask!

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