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morning routine workout

Cue the music! Energize your body, prime your mind, and get inspired!


One Part Motivation
one part workout
100% energy and good vibes

#Maxyourmonday isn't just a workout! Actually, it is better to see it as a "morning routine" in a group. I have combined my own morning routine with an energizer workout and created the perfect workout for you to start the week.  

  1. We start with mobility and mindfulness to get your body and mind in the right mode.

  2. Then the volume, energy and your adrenaline will go up and I'll get you into that winner's high.  

  3. To start the week with maximum focus and motivation, we end with a short goal/intention setting session.  

Like I said, everything you need to start the week with maximum energy, positivity and focus.  

Will you join us?

Monday is when you set the tone for the rest of the week.

✅ You "win" back time by waking up earlier

✅ You set yourself up for success by doing a specific ritual

✅ You'll go into the day with focus and determination

✅  It makes you feel empowered!


My name is Shorombo Mooij and I am a High-Performance Life Coach. What does this mean? It means I help people get the best out of themselves, and life.

I have been practicing and teaching morning routines for years and I have also been conducting group training for years. So I thought: "Why not combine those two?"

Hence, the Morning Routine Workout was born.

What to expect

Expect Power Moves, Mindfulness, Motivational Talk, and Goal Setting all in one. What I have basically done is take all the elements that make a morning routine so powerful and create an immersive group experience.


I'll set the stage with pumping music, movements designed to make you feel empowered, and inspirational talk and material to get you in the right mindset. Furthermore, I'll teach you a trick that will send you into the day with focus and determination like never before.


Monday is when you set the tone for the rest of the week.

join live!

Are you excited to try this live? Join the next upcoming session and join live!

a real live morning routine

Experience what it's like to start your day with a morning routine

Runner Stretching
Group Zumba Workout

get inspired

Through special coaching and public speaking tricks I help you get into the right mindset and start the week inspired!

get focused and go

Give your fellow change-maker a punch, share your ambitions and set the tone for your week!

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters
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