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How i Recovered from a massive burnout in only 3 Months

There is absolutely no reason to be burnout for 2 years! And here's why:

Your body and mind are amazing pieces of machinery and have tremendous healing power.

But here's the thing...

You need to give them what they need to heal, and this is where it usually goes wrong.

Your body and mind need:

1) To be able to down-regulate your nervous system.

To heal, your body needs to be able to down-regulate your nervous system. However, if the source of your chronic stress (internal or external) is not resolved, it won't be able to do that, and the healing process can't start. That's just how your body is designed.

Flight and fight system on 🟢 = healing and restorative processes off 🔴

2) Sleep

Sleep is your superpower, so optimizing your sleep quality is, apart from step 1, one of the most important things you can do. However, without tackling step 1 it will be difficult to achieve this.

3) Lifestyle

When you give your body what it needs, you will be amazed at how fast it will recover. When I was at my deepest low in my burnout, I didn't eat, I didn't sleep, and I spent most of my days in a massive panic attack.

Three months later, I had lost 25 kilos and was in the best shape of my life.


Because I made some simple lifestyle tweaks:

💧 Every day, I woke up, got a big glass of water, and went for a walk outside in nature. No stimuli, no people, just the sound and smell of nature. This helped my nervous system down-regulate.

💤 As soon as I had come to terms with my situation, I could relax a bit and started to sleep...a lot. I just gave in to what my body was

🧘🏻‍♀️ Another way of getting in a restorative recovery was through meditation. Some days I would sit with my eyes closed for over an hour and do that a few times per day. Why? Because it felt so good, and I learned that if it feels that good, it is good.

🥗 Food: I started giving my body what it needed in terms of food too. I would eat a warm meal twice a day, consisting mostly of vegetables, some sources of protein, and good fats. In addition, my orthomolecular therapist gave me some supplements to strengthen and refuel my body.

🔋 As soon as I started doing this, I began losing weight, my energy started to come back, and I just did more of what I was doing.

Another important thing I wasn't doing, by the way:

- Watch TV

- Watch the news

- Be on my phone

I couldn't, but this made me aware of how nice it is to have quiet, to be in solitude, just with the sounds of nature, my mind, and my soul talking.

I had whole conversations with myself, and this was the final key...the one that led me to transform my life:

💖 I started hearing what my soul was telling me, and I started listening.

What was it saying?

Change. So I did!


My name is Shorombo, and everything I do revolves around one thing:

Helping as many people as I can live a life that truly fulfills them.

Have you been struggling and are you ready to change? Let's go. Schedule a call here.

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