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3 steps to turn emotional pain into emotional healing

How You View the World is Shaped by How You Feel

When you’re in pain, hurt and suffering are all you might see. Inspired moments bring visions of opportunity and success, while happiness reveals joy and beauty


But what if happiness eludes you?

What if inspiration feels just out of reach, and pain is your constant companion?

Should you fake a smile and push through?

Some might advocate for putting on a brave face.

Some might say you just have to “fake it until you feel it”

And yes, for some, this approach might work. Heck, if you are to believe much of the science, this DOES work.

But I think this advice can set you on the wrong path.

If you don’t add some nuance.

I think that acknowledging your true feelings is crucial.

Without acknowledging how you feel, you risk suppressing your emotions, which can lead to a myriad of new problems.

So, how should you navigate these challenging waters?

3 steps to turn emotional pain into emotional healing

Step 1: Acknowledge Without Judgment

Accept how you feel at this very moment without judgment and with compassion. Understanding that this is a temporary state is vital and approaching this with compassion will allow you to experience and become aware of what you really feel.

Step 2: Seek the Root Cause

Why do you feel this way? Identifying the root cause is crucial, but don’t get trapped in an endless cycle of psychoanalysis.

Step 3: Change Your State

It’s time to shift your mindset. Engage in an activity that takes you out of your head and into a more resourceful emotional state. This could be anything from a brisk walk to journaling. Find out what works for you

Is this the one-and-all solution?

This journey isn’t about a one-size-fits-all solution. Life isn’t absolute; it’s not black and white. My advice isn’t a rigid doctrine but a starting point for your experimentation

So here are some additional tips, I would give you.

Experiment, Reflect, and Adjust

What works for others might not work for you. Perhaps you need to confront your negative state before you can reflect. Or maybe you need a moment to just feel. It’s about finding what resonates with you at that moment.

Self-Awareness: The Key to Your Personal Puzzle

Understanding yourself is the cornerstone of change. Becoming self-aware means experiencing, reflecting, learning, experimenting, evaluating, adjusting, and growing. It’s a continuous cycle of personal evolution. This will help you uncover your own user manual to good living.

Use This As Your Guiding Light

Consider this post a guiding light, grounded in principles that, in my experience, are sound. The path isn’t always easy, but the advice is solid.

And remember, each step is a part of your unique journey. Trust in your ability to navigate through this.

Your experiences, your reflections, and your choices all contribute to your growth and understanding. Keep moving forward, one step at a time.

What’s your most important takeaway from this article?

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